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Bicicleta Specialized 2013 SOURCE SEVEN culoare gri / negru / alb, marime L

  A true multi-tasker for anything from commuting to a loaded weekend camping trek down the ...
3.440,00lei 2.480,00lei

Bicicleta Specialized 2014 CROSSOVER SPORT culoare negru / albastru / gri, marime L

  A product of its environment, the Crossover is made to conquer the urban jungle. The Sport...
3.210,00lei 2.320,00lei

Bicicleta Specialized 2016 SIRRUS ELITE CARBON DISC culoare gri inchis / rosu / albastru deschis, marime M

  Fitness is not a fad, and the Sirrus proves you're taking your fitness journey seriously. ...

Bicicleta Specialized 2017 SEQUOIA culoare negru / gri, marime 58cm

  A 100 years ago, we didn't have road bikes and touring bikes - there were just bikes, and ...